My new blog! c:

Hi guys! I know I haven’t posted anything new for a while (sorry! D:), because this blog is currently on hiatus because at the moment I’m mostly in the EXO fandom. ^^; I’ve also been busy traveling with family and stuff. I promise that I’ll be updating more soon! ^^

So, if you’re an EXO fan or a fan of EXO’s Chanyeol, this next news will be good for you. c: I just made an fyeah! straight hair blog for Chanyeol! Literally, just now. I’ll be posting/reblogging pics/gifs soon, so check it out here! I’m not sure about the username ‘fyeahstraighthairyeol’, so if you could give me some other suggestions that would be great. ^^

Well, that’s all I needed to say! I’m really really sorry for not posting any straight hair Zelo pics lately. T^T I promise I’ll get going on this soon! Thanks for reading! <3

- Admin Chloeeee.

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imbangnzelo sent: I deff followed you for that last gif you posted... couldn't resist it XD as for Zelo's hair... I can't decide which style I like.. how about all of them :3 ahha a follow bac would be awesome and great blog!

Zelo’s fine with any hair, but I like him with straight hair the most. >w< Anyways, thanks for the follow~